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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 1, 2018 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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move. move move move move move move move move move move. move move. move. this is g.w. news live from berkeley spain's prime minister admitting defeat and it is all but certain that he will be ousted from office just moments from now mariano rajoy faces a new confidence vote in parliament triggered by a corruption scandal in his conservative party a center left socialist is now poised to take power until fresh elections can be held. also coming up the united states slaps tariffs on exports from its closest allies and they vow to retaliate tariffs on aluminum and steel from europe mexico
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and canada went into effect just a few hours ago the targeted trio promised a counterpunch on american goods. move. move move. move i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program lawmakers in spain are about to vote on a no confidence motion against prime minister mariano rajoy roy admitted defeat just ahead of the vote he's expected to be replaced by a socialist leader petro sanchez told parliament that it was an honor to lead the country the opposition socialists called for the vote after members of roy's party words linked to a corruption scandal. let's get the very latest now from martin roberts who is standing by for us from madrid so so martin just walk us through now what is at stake for spain as roy admits to this defeat shortly before the vote
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well what's at stake is that spain where he will be facing gets general elections in as many years within a couple of months. post suggests that those elections with roots in his many elections a hung parliament so we may well need to see some coalition building on the other big question of course is the paterson ship today will automatically become the new prime minister was he the only house eighty five piece of coal in the chamber three times fifty so it's very unlikely that he can for workable don't so it looks as if we're going to be in for some you know rocky months and tell us more about him and his policy is because we know that sanchez he is the socialist party leader he has as you mentioned likely to replace marianna roy but what do we know about him really. ok. i hear he's forty six years old he's a former economics professor he's a pretty moderate socialist. left wing.
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you know the socialist recently so they. you know and so what's a populist. you know who are running neck and neck in a lot of posts. you know to just be power with them all the. potential. we could see a slight injury and just to tell our viewers you're looking at live pictures right now from the spanish parliament as that vote of no confidence gets underway a vote that my own of roy has essentially conceded that he is not likely to win. he you know we've seen so much political uncertainty endure operationally and of course italy comes to mind martin tell us what would this mean for europe now if spanish politics is now thrown into a tizzy. ok it would not be an italian style says it's
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a person. we don't have. and see establishment runs in european passes or the mainstream here yes the picture has been complicated because well you know what is formally we have two main policies we've now got four main policies amounts what we have. majority governments in recent years but i think there's a pretty clear consensus that joining europe ninety six was was a lot to consolidate its return to democracy after all some terrible years of civil war. so that's one nobody in spain seems likely to rock yes we are left with drift yes we've heard how. a lot of protests against the stairs the policies that are being handed down from the european central bank and little in governments in recent years but i think everybody in sight is firmly behind europe so he wouldn't see any instability for that reason we might see some instability because a little you know as we did in must also but one thing that sanctions that is that
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he will try to build bridges by holding talks with the newly formed council and governments so yes it's all in the air you know what to european as i'm ok and we're saying that no confidence right now vote getting underway there in the spanish parliament mariano rajoy spain's prime minister on has already admitted defeat though as we mentioned as it is all that certain that he will be voted out of office with more on what comes next martin roberts with the latest from madrid we thank you so much favor for nick thank you. well meanwhile the e.u. has started off the day with an economic gut punch just a few hours ago the united states imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum on the european union it is doing the same to canada and mexico negotiations in paris to avert the tariffs failed and now all three are vowing to retaliate with countermeasures against u.s. products the standoff has sparked fears of
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a global trade war. as reality set in clear signs of frustration and even exhaustion on the side of europeans it's still we're angry who's concerned outraged it's because we've been in talks with the americans for months now and only if they don't listen and they think they can belittle us but that's not possible but the americans and the europeans are allies and that's not how allies treat each other just finished. the e.u. now says it will retaliate with proportional imports on u.s. products like motorcycles jeans and whiskey a threat brushed off by u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross and they have the those retaliate in the event of a mother. who will remain unlikely to be as much as one percent on our economy. similar measures are being planned by canada and mexico which say they'll put retaliatory tariffs on products as diverse as yogurt coffee washing
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machines and lawn mowers wall street was rattled by the flurry of announcements and indeed down on the day asian markets began down but recovered in part just the earliest signs of how the markets are assessing a possible trade war. and for more on this let's bring in now peter buyer he is the coordinator of transatlantic cooperation in the german parliament welcome to you and good morning good morning sir i understand you've actually been in washington in the past couple of weeks recently the transatlantic relationship it seems to be in shambles fair assessment. yes there were there have been easy at times before a lot of pressure with that is there as out there that we can feel we have a whole broad range of topics on the table that are a burden. for the transatlantic relations iran nuclear dear the current tariff conflict in north korean two and some other things so that that is on the table we have to deal with this why can't the europeans seem to outsmart donald trump i mean because up until yesterday the u.s.
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commerce secretary will arise. he said that the u.s. is willing to negotiate so who's dropping the ball here in europe or the u.s. and i wouldn't i wouldn't say that they'd see no one playing against the ball against each other the other but. it's true there have been a lot of negotiations going on before it's not that nobody was talking to to anybody until the very last minute for example the german economic mr putin my ass now say you commissioner cecilia monstre a lot of people have negotiated and tried everything to prevent this you know from from happening what we see now that june first of the terror some plan of a ceiling aluminum this is not a game this is not a good signal not not good for the trans-atlantic relations not good for the economy so on and i think we have to go shit and talk further what is europe not willing to give the united states that the united states wants right now well from the discussion that i hear at that for example of the d o c department of commerce or the national economic council in washington they were clear that is sat. there
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they expect from the european union a quota so that maybe on the on the on the trade volume is too little minimum of two thousand seventeen we've put in a quota and then they were they would be open for anything else to discuss about but look i mean we would think and do are quite sure that is against w t o regulation and we want to play by the w t o regulations we believe in it let's talk a little bit more about the regulations and what the euro plans to do now because for example now the u.s. e.u. announcing countermeasures is that wise though because the united states for example has announced that it has now launched as of yesterday an investigation into the auto industry here in germany and that would be quite a punch wouldn't it oh yes it would be but first of all i think we have to take seriously what donald trump says we cannot say oh they're still whole and he's not doing it he's not delivering this guy means what he's saying he sort of has announced this and at the very latest when he's already asked the. d o c to look
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into automobile terrorists this is something we have to take serious so i think that is quite realistic that we will see countermeasures then again from the other side from the united states. so that we might be seeing an escalation of this we are not in a trade war yet but i hope we will never go there so again negotiations is something that that is needed. is something again that we strongly believe did but also i mean five hundred million europeans are the citizens that we are responsible for in germany and all the other countries and we have to protect them we have to rule we are responsible to represent their interests what do you mean when you say take seriously the issue because i mean if for example the automotive industry isn't being targeted how is germany prepared to react you know germany when it when it comes to trade you know that since the lisbon treaty everything that has to do with trade is on the european union level so of course i would government is doing
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everything to you know the river represent the german industries interests there it will hit us and again we are not there yet i mean the automobile terrorists have not been announced but i think is something that we have to look into it will be backed it will hit german car manufacturers but also the truth is it will as well hit the car manufacturers in the united states you're in a difficult position right now aren't you i mean if you have the title here coordinator of trans atlantic cooperation trump doing what he promised when he got to do when he got elected basically getting hard on europe getting hard on you know countries and blocks that are traditionally seen as allies how are you now have a gating that well what gives me hope though is given all this things that we have on the table iran tariff burden sharing not seem to want to know this what gives me hope is everybody senators representatives present is off the off the
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administration. are emphasizing how important transatlantic relations are to them so that sometimes you wonder why then it comes everything together in such a close period of time but they say they are strongly believing in a strong trans-atlantic relations so this gives me hope and also those positive signals when it comes to a you know revisiting relaunching something that we call back that he did negotiations i don't see it right now there are other issues on the table but they want to talk about fair and free trade across the atlantic that give me hope so we should not turn away from the americans we should dance to should take them seriously and they have to take us seriously as well but that optimistic assessment we thank you so much for joining us this morning by our coordinator of transatlantic cooperation in the german parliament we appreciate it thank you very much let's get a quick check now some other stories that have been making news around the world and you populist coalition government is set to be sworn in in italy today incoming
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prime minister just epic kaante and now it's his or six of the cabinet last night the new coalition is made up of the far right league and the anti establishment five star movement. north and south korea have resumed senior level peace talks they come as the u.s. continues its push to persuade the north to give up its nuclear weapons seoul says the reconciliation between the two koreas will be a key part of efforts to resolve the nuclear standoff with. in the united states victims of sex abuse by the catholic church have reached a two hundred ten million dollars settlement with an archdiocese in our state of minnesota and i'm the money will be split among some four hundred fifty people abused by priests in the area. to tennis news now in the french open where a former champion had her work cut out to make rounds three of the grand slam the unseated serena williams trailed by a set but fought back to take her match against ashley barty in three meanwhile in the men's draw top seed rafael nadal is through after another straight set when the
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spaniard is in fine form and looks on course for an eleventh title on paris clay with his thirty second birthday coming up this week the doll said that he was proud that a bad injury record had not affected his longevity have a listen. you know very happy to do it to keep playing then he said my age because i. i hurt ringgold my career that i'm going to have a short career because of my style of game so it's something that i am very satisfied the hobby off that old troubles that i had in my career and injuries to be able to keep being gone by thirty four for so long. and they show for thirty two almost. quick reminder now of the top stories that we have been following for you a no confidence vote by scottish lawmakers to remove thank prime minister marianna from office is under way at this moment in the spanish parliament void has already admitted defeat saying that it was an honor to leave the country the vote was
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triggered by a long running corruption scandal and conservative party center left socialist petro sanchez was set to replace him as interim prime minister. and my colleague will have more on that and the results that is coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime i'm sorry kelly in berlin and i'd like to thank you very much for joining us today. to. the people of the world over information they provide to the opinions of the more troops stressed g.w. walk free spoke of twitter up to date and in touch as follows.


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